Private Sector Suffers Millions In Losses Due To Market Closures

12 Jun, 2017

The ACCI has called on government to resolve issues currently facing Kabul businessmen following last week’s deadly security incidents. 

A week after the deadly truck bombing in Kabul and amid ongoing demonstrations, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said on Thursday that the private sector has sustained losses amounting to about $2 million USD a day over the past week due to the current situation. 

Numerous roads in Kabul city have been closed off in the past week, while markets have also stood idle. 

Government closed routes leading to the Presidential Palace this past week.

“Closing the roads is not the solution. The past week has been tough for the private sector. It has been concerning for the (private) sector. The situation has concerned businessmen,” the ACCI deputy head Khanjan Alokozai said.

Meanwhile, a number of businessmen and shopkeepers said the closure of markets and shops has pushed up the price of goods in Kabul.

“All the imported goods been stopped by government from coming in through (Kabul entrance) gates. The goods have been stopped from entering Kabul markets; therefore, it has affected prices and has damaged the private sector,” said Zamanuddin, a businessman.

According to TOLOnews reporter, Zarmina Mohammadi, a number of shops and markets did however reopen on Thursday but many remained closed.

Those who have reopened their shops said they have very few customers – compared to previous weeks.

“People are not buying anything. The market is in a bad situation,” said Shirzai, a shopkeeper in Kabul.

Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents said the price of goods has increased sharply in recent days.

“People are faced with many problems. The price of everything has surged. For instance, something that was sold for 1,150 AFs (in the past) is now sold for 1,250 AFs,” said Abdul Wahid, a resident of Kabul.

According to the ACCI, the situation will further deteriorate for the private sector and businessmen if government fails to resolve the situation.