Protesters Call On International Community For Support

12 Jun, 2017

Protesters have set up seven tents in different parts of Kabul city which has caused huge problems for the people

Members of the Kabul protesters also known as “Uprising for Change” on Sunday said they have shared their demands with the European Union and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and urged them to support their demands.

The main demands of the protesters are to bring reforms in the security institutions. They claim a number of officials are not able to do their assigned jobs properly.

“We do not believe in government commissions and we urged the international community to support our demands and to make sure that the cases of those killed and wounded at Friday’s demonstration will be investigated transparently,” Mohammad Omar Parwani, a protester said.

Kabul protesters started sit-in protests ten days ago and on Sunday a number of people from Paktia province also joined the main tent near Zanbaq square. 

“Government should bring reforms and security. We vote because we want the problems to be resolved,” Nadim Zadran, a tribal elder from Paktia said.

In reaction to the deadly truck bombing and firing on demonstrators 10 days ago, which claimed over 150 lives and five lives respectively, seven tents have been set up around the city by protesters. But some tents now stand empty.

At Shaheed square tent, there are 40 people taking part in a sit-in protest.

“The president should for once listen to the people’s voices. We want reforms and security… are our demands a lot?,” asked Angiza, a protester.

“I want to live and to study. I want suicide bombings to be stopped,” said Abobakar, another protester.

At Khurasan square’s tent there are 17 people and in Puli Artal square around 30 protesters.

“During the day there are less people, but during the night more people come here,” said Zaki, a protester.

But in the tents at Taimani square, in Qowai Markaz and Kart-e-Parwan there are no one in the tents, except some guards watching over the tents.

“During the day people go to work and less people remain here, but from evening onward more people come in,” said Tamim, a protester.

In the last few days, a number of people in provinces and also in the United States and Europe also launched demonstrations asking for reforms in security departments.