Agriculture Faculty

Agriculture Faculty

Dean of faculty Message

The Faculty of Agriculture of Kunduz University is the second Faculty after Education Faculty of Kunduz University, which was established in 2004 and has been approved eight departments by the Ministry of Higher Education, now has five active and graduate departments.

During this period, the officials, lecturers and staff of this educational institution made a lot of efforts to improve the educational situation and provide useful educational facilities for the students, as a result, young professionals were trained and presented to the community and the people.

      Currently this faculty has 5 active departments which include (agronomy, animal sciences, horticulture, economics and agricultural extension and agribusiness management) and the department of environmental protection management will be activated soon, then two other departments (forestry and natural resources and the department of plant protection) will be active in coming years because in each of these two departments have we have three (three)  lecturers or professors which has bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees.


  1. Facilitate effective teaching conditions with international standards
  2. Strengthening scientific and practical work to improve quality and find solutions to these challenges.
  3. Inventive forms of research for active departments
  4. The invention laboratory is equipped with computers, labs and libraries
  5. Vision  of agriculture faculty
  6. Faculty of Agriculture of Kunduz University, as a scientific and research institution in line with the growth of livestock farming, has provided trained, committed and professional staffs in various sectors of agriculture to the society, through standard teaching and research, to be recognized as a reliable scientific and research institution according to the needs of the society at the country level.

Major tasks

The major functions of this faculty is to provide valuable and effective services to the students and community as are:

  1. Pave the effective teaching condition with international standards.
  2. Make available effective clinical services for clients.

Training of professional teaching staff and continues development of educational programs.


The following values can reach this faculty to its main objectives:

1. Respecting and adhering to Islamic principles

2. Commitment to duty and responsibility

3. Observance of piety, honesty and justice

4. team working

5. Fight against any kind of discrimination

6. Criticism

7. Creativity

8. Implementation of all applicable laws and regulations of the honorable ministries of higher education

9. Punctuality

10. Quality in providing services

Committees of the faculty are:

  1. Quality Assurance committee
  2. Scientific Research committee
  3. Improving Curriculum committee
  4. Discipline committee
  5. Examination committee
  6. Consultation the student’s committee
  7. Sport committee
  8. E-learning  committee


Number of the students

The number of students, divided by grades from first to fourth classes, as well as female and male (680), including 629 males and 51 females from all over Afghanistan, are studying in this scientific institution.

Recent State

The faculty is currently active and currently student are studying in 5 departments and in each department more than 35 engaged in training in each class of each department.

This faculty has 34 Lectures, 1 of whom is doctor, 6 of whom are about to receive a doctorate, 18 of whom are masters and 4 of whom are studying for a master's degree and one of them Bachelor of science .


Biography of Gul Agha sadiq

Dean of Agriculture faculty, Kunduz University

Senior teaching assistant Gul Agha Sadiq was born in 1985 at Yangi qala district of Takhar province. He successfully completed his elementary, middle and secondary at Yangi Qala high school in year of 2003 and enrolled in year of 2004 at Horticulture department of Agriculture Faculty of Kabul University and received his B.Sc. Degree form that University in year of 2008. He received his M.Sc. degree in field of Vegetable science from Horticulture department of Kazakh national agrarian University in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2017. He worked as head of horticulture department of agriculture faculty, Kunduz University from 2018-2023. He became dean of agriculture faculty of Kunduz University in March 2023 until now working. Gul Agha sadiq published national and international research papers in different journals.