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9 months 4 weeks ago

Kunduz University, located in the center of the Northeast Zone, is among the top 11 universities in the country. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and the commitment of the leadership team plus professors and civil service staff, this university contributes to educate Afghan youth and fully struggles to present them to the labor market as human resources. In fact, more than eight thousand students, consisting one thousand five hundred females, are graduated from the faculties of Law, Political Science, Economics, Stomatology, Computer Science, Education, Veterinary and Agriculture since 2003, and have successfully obtained their Bachelor’s Degrees meeting the demands of today’s standards. 

Kunduz University

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Sun, Dec 06 2020 9:17 AM
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سومین دور امتحان کانکور بست های اداری 5 و 6 خدمات ملکی

ریاست پوهنتون کندز ۱۳۹۹/۹/۱۴

سومین دور امتحان کانکور بست های اداری 5 و 6 خدمات ملکی توسط اداره محترم ملی کانکور وزارت محترم تحصیلات عالی در پوهنتون کندز با اشتراک محترم حشمت الله. . .

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