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Veterinary science faculty related information for Kunduz university website


Veterinary science faculty words

Veterinary science faculty of Kunduz university is an academic & professional institution aiming to graduate professional veterinarians on bachelor level, to help in improving livestock sector, national economy and struggling toward zoonotic disease prevention and control on national vise.

However, veterinary science faculty is experimental base faculty which study the diagnosis of diseases, prevention, treatment and zoonotic diseases which are common between animals and humans. The faculty is not only vital for animals but also crucial for human health in controlling human affected diseases.

Veterinary science faculty is one of the seventh faculties of Kunduz university which established in 2012 with two key departments (Pre-clinic & Para-clinic) and officially inaugurated in 2013 with 120 enrolled students. Since the time of establishment till now, the faculty is obliged to move forward with routine tasks and assignments despite to some challenges of lacking academic staff and other fundamental equipment’s.


Veterinary science faculty goals

  1. Development and improvement of academic quality in order to strengthen human resources
  2. Promotion of educational, scientific-research and service activities
  3. Training young veterinarians with high professional skills who can solve the existing problems in the country's animal health sector (diagnosis, prevention and treatment) and increase animal products
  4. Providing the ground for higher professional education in various departments of veterinary and livestock
  5. Provide continuous professional and technical education for vets and farmers
  6. To act as a specialized center for providing animal health services, counseling and laboratory diagnosis to farmers as a scientific responsible institution
  7. Offering better training to increase animal health and productivity
  8. Providing educational facilities to increase the academic capacity of existed teachers


Academic programs

The Faculty of Veterinary Science of Kunduz University intends to increase the quality of education through research work, clinical work, experimental laboratory, library, short-term and long-term courses, workshops, conferences and online learning. We have prepared the ground for the student’s growth and professionalism.


Departments of veterinary science faculty

The Faculty of Veterinary Science of Kunduz University has two departments, pre-clinic and para-clinic. The pre-clinical department is formally active and the para-clinical department is functioning informally due to the lack of academic staff. It is worth noting that the Faculty of Veterinary Science graduates in general and not at the departmental level.


Teaching and assessment methods

Teaching in this faculty is done in accordance with the law and principles of the credit system given by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The teaching and learning methods are as follows

• Lecture

• Teaching based videos

• Student centered learning and results base approach

• Individual and group discussions

• Practical work in the laboratory

• Individual and group seminars and projects

• Field study

The evaluation of the quality of teaching is done in the following manner during each semester

• Exams (class/mid/semester wise and final exam)

• Homework

• Individual and group seminars and projects

• Practical works and reports


Academic staff member

The Faculty of Veterinary Science of Kunduz University has nine (9) academic staff members, three of whom have master's degrees and six others have bachelor's degrees. In addition, three members have the academic rank of associate professor and six other members have the academic rank of senior lecturer. It is worth mentioning that currently three members are actually busy studying in the master's program and one member is also studying for a doctorate program.


Faculty of Veterinary Science Committee

The Faculty of Veterinary Science has formed the following six committees to carry out the daily duties and responsibilities better.

• Quality Assurance Committee

• Curriculum Committee

• Examination committee

• Research value

• Audit committee

• Sports Committee


The number of students in the Faculty of Veterinary Science

In the year 1401 the faculty of Veterinary Science students number reaches 244 persons, which in the order of the classes include; The first class is 60 persons, the second class is 56 persons, the third class is 37 persons, the fourth class is 50 persons and the fifth class is 41 persons.

Current status of Faculty of Veterinary Science

The faculty has a joint teaching building with the computer science faculty, which is currently being used more practically with a well-equipped water supply system, electricity and internet services.

It is worth mentioning that this faculty has five classrooms with projector and LCD. In addition, the said building consists of the dean office, deputy dean office, the directorates of the departments (pre-clinic and para-clinic), teaching management, executive management, laboratory management, clinic branch management and library.