The workshop under the title of academic programs

Mon, Dec 19 2022 10:45 AM

Monday 11 Jamadul Awal 1438 AH. The workshop under the title of academic programs and review in the framework of quality assurance and credentialing by the Directorate of Kunduz University started on the 10th of this year Jamadulawal and lasted for two days. The end of Monday, 11th month of 1398 AH, started with the speech of the president of Kunduz University, Mr. Ziauddin Seerat, and added that building such workshops is beneficial for the development of the university and its participants. Worth it comes to an end.

After him, Mr. Professor Gulistan Khair Andesh, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Kunduz University, gave his speech and the purpose of establishing a workshop was to organize and organize work plans to increase the work level of the staff of this academic institution and regular implementation of the Kunduz University Quality Assurance Program. Will and the teachers. It was considered useful for raising the level of teaching, and also Mr. Professor Muhammad Asrar Shinwar gave his speech in the workshop on review of academic programs.

In the end, certificates were distributed to the participants of this workshop and the workshop was completed with the prayers of Mr. Abdul Qudoos Asoli, the vice president of Kunduz University.

Kunduz University Publications Directorate.

Monday, 11th of July 1444 AH, educational workshop under the name of Quality Assurance and Credibility Criteria Framework and New Review Methods which will be held on 26th of Rabi Al-Awl, under the leadership of the Order of Quality Assurance of the Presidency of Kunduz University in the conference hall of this scientific institution. It has been turned around It was and continued for two days.

Today, Monday, 11th of July 1444 AH, the mentioned workshop began with the speech of Mr. Ziaddin Sirat, the president of Kunduz University. He added that holding such workshops is useful and valuable to raise the level of improving the capacity of Kunduz university and its participants. Quality Assurance Officer of Golestan Khairandish University. The purpose of holding this workshop is to improve the daily affairs of the university, arrange and regulate the work plans of employees and regular implementation of quality assurance programs and increase the level of teaching by the professors of Kunduz University. Rarshinwari in the field of this workshop The vision of the plan explained the strategy and the topics at hand in the field.

The mentioned workshop was distributed by the distribution of certificates to participants and organizers and the workshop was concluded with praying for goodness by the professor Abdul Qudoos Osoli, the deputy of student affairs of Kunduz University.

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Tue, Sep 26 2023 9:57 AM
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مسابقات کرکت 10 اوره در پوهنتون کندز با قهرمانی پوهنځی تعليم و تربيه پایان یافت.

این رقابت در پوهنتون کندز آغاز شد که در آن پوهنځی تعليم و تربيه مقام اول، پوهنځی زراعت مقام دوم و. . .

Tue, Sep 26 2023 9:52 AM
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د کندوز پوهنتون رئيس په مشرۍ علمي شورا ناسته ترسره شوه

د کندوز پوهنتون رئيس په مشرۍ علمي شورا ناسته ترسره شوه

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Sun, Sep 24 2023 10:27 AM
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PCM:اخذ امتحان رقابتی پروسه نظارت بعد از کمپاین پولیو

اخذ امتحان رقابتی پروسه نظارت بعد از کمپاین پولیوPCM:

امتحان رقابتی شمولیت در پروسه نظارت بعد از کمپاین واکسین پولیو که از طرف سازمان جهانی صحت (WHO) با هماهنگی آمریت انسجام خدمات. . .