The report of a year's work

03 Jan, 2019

1397th November 12th November 1397
At The University of kunduz, the university of kunduz province has been given a lot of information to the members of the provincial council and the members of the council.

According to the honor of the ministry of high education

08 Nov, 2017

According to the honor of the ministry of high education, it is located in the of the United States and the organization of the United States.

افتتاح کتابخانه پوهنتون کندز

04 Sep, 2017

امروز چهارشنبه مورخ 8سنبله 1396 کتابخانه عمومی پوهنتون کندز، که به همکاری موسسات محترم بنیاد آسیا و دفتر محترم مشارکت ملی افغانستان اعمار وتجهیز گردیده بود به بهره برداری سپرده شد.

Registration Notification

24 Aug, 2017

Date: 01/06/1396

Registration schedule of Newcomer of Entrance Exam from 1395/1396 of Faculty  of Education , Kunduz University.